Analysis of the benefits of TV advertising on Web Development

as one of the ways to promote the website, TV advertising is a relatively high cost of the promotion of relatively large risk. In this paper, the author analyzes the operating experience of their own websites in the promotion of television advertising need to pay attention to the issue with the results of the analysis, I hope to be able to promote some friends in the media to help.

TV advertising reference one: a number of advertising companies to choose in order to select the best cost-effective

company has been to early TV advertising, but did not dare to take the risk, because television advertising is a double-edged sword, good words can bring great benefits, the effect is not good may lose everything. Later, because the business has been less than ideal (Note: the company website is a website of B2B), the boss wants to fight so called planning advertising planning scheme, and a fight to a ruthless, directly put CCTV2 advertising, our planning department later contacted several TV advertising companies offer a three Beijing, Shenzhen, a company called Green Apple advertising quotation is right, about about one million appearance, called green apples come talk, green apple out of the program is the scene shooting advertising program, is more creative, is probably different countries who use our B2B in the same Internet a one world one office concept, but the problem also appears in the shooting problem, filming costs more expensive, then from an economic point of view on the choice of a Beijing based computer stunt The main advertising company, the company will offer low and no advertising cost than apple, and broadcast CCTV2 send CCTV10 advertising, the most important is the installments, so a company will reduce a lot of pressure, the installment also indicates that we can see at the beginning of the effect of advertising on how long. So choose the right advertising company cooperation is put on TV advertising to improve the cost-effective shortcut. Of course, the company wants to burn money you don’t have to consider this.

TV advertising TV advertising reference two: do the preparatory work of the site

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TV advertising you have to pay attention to the image of the website, where visitors can not only often because the Internet customers may also have a most bad Internet target customers, so the site first impression must feel better, here is the so-called web site to the atmosphere, beautiful, clear navigation, clear operation the site, functional and clear. So I spent about a week on the web page with some important page revision, for customer service staff recruitment and training at the same time the line (which is familiar with the company’s products training and sales training), after these things done can be ready for the next important job follow-up.

TV advertising TV advertising reference three: do a good job of search engine keyword work

here to talk about is not SEO, but in the short term keywords ranking, usually only through the rankings to complete. In general, the audience of TV ads can remember the name of your ad and the product

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