Wang Tong Toms brand one for one model customers to help you do promotion


before the article mentioned the case of the Toms brand, today to write an article about the brand, perhaps to give you a very good inspiration.

first, the birth of Toms brand

The birth of

Toms this brand, is serendipitously to make.

When the

in 2006 January, an American designer Blake · maikaosi went to Argentina trip, then Argentina is in the southern hemisphere summer, he saw many children have no shoes to wear, and even many legs are injured.

later, he also learned that in many areas, the minimum conditions for school children to school, that is, must wear shoes to school, many children in poor areas can not enter school because there is no shoes.

then, he began to love, vowed to let these children put on shoes.


how can we solve this problem?

he designed a new model, that is, to sell a pair of donated a pair". He wanted to sell every pair of shoes for needy children donated a pair of shoes.

Blake · maikaosi itself is an excellent designer, he designed the shoe design is very special, the color is very fashionable, very comfortable to wear.

May 2006, Blake · maikaosi TOMS store opened in California Venice, Toms is the "Tomorrow’s Shoes" means the shoes of tomorrow.

small business just opened, he has no store, rely on network marketing, and Blake find their own errands retail channels, business at the beginning, is not easy.

two, the brand detonated

May 20, 2006 "Losangeles times" reported that "selling a pair, donated a pair of" story, so one day, he received orders for two thousand and two hundred pairs of shoes, a month later, he has sold ten thousand pairs of shoes.

then, the new shoe brand was quickly detonated, and was loved by many people, including many stars.


of course, a good story is a catalyst, his shoes really very comfortable, especially there is a special category, called: slip-on.

TOMS extraordinary prosperity of canvas shoes material good, fine workmanship, wear comfortable, generous, convenient, in line with environmental protection requirements, well received.

so far, Toms has poor children around the world donated 35 million pairs of shoes, Toms has become the annual sales volume.

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