Search engine perspective is more conducive to optimization

for his SEO station, many webmaster will consider: "the engine is not love my station? Do this collection will improve?" if we think, if we stand in the search engine’s perspective to think about the problem, so many so-called optimization problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.

: a website whether smoothly done or easily solved reasonable structure.

If I

as a search engine to search your website, it’s like entering a store, if people, but the line arrangement is very poor, I turn to an hour I have not seen the product you want, then I definitely did not purchase interest, so some owners only pay attention to the hair of the chain, with little regard to their site in the chain is reached a circulation, such as breadcrumb navigation settings, taking into account whether the visitors back the? Whether the visitor after reading the article there are other related contents recommended to him? Perhaps these problems in the architecture of the CMS DEDE these little problem in the site, but there are many webmaster and not use these standard DEDE framework of the program, this point is very important, "the KMT government" for the website is the absolute truth .

: two footer links smoothly done or easily solved effectively what


many of the so-called high PR site in a chain in the one-sided claim PR how high, actually see PR for friends of the chain had become obsolete, more is to look at how to export and the flow of the page, if we are the engine, I know everyone in that position a lot the Links, so my first query is this page how many links to export, too, can not all be Tang; secondly I will look at these links in the end and you have Never mind, if such analysis, then the related content of your website (website of the other side is the best and you the same content or cross industry industry) I think these links are meaningful for visitors, dating back to the earliest hyperlink is there to supplement and improve the content of the website And exist, so that the birth of the PR value.

three: rich and detailed illustrations smoothly done or easily solved is very important.

The total

in various forums to see many webmaster to send the chain and even some use unscrupulous divisive tactics, stimulate the title to attract people to enter, there is no nutrition a few words and a totally irrelevant link, therefore also think someone clicks pleased with oneself, the post is high flow, high weight, not knowing if I is the engine, I would have noticed two data: bounce rate and visitor access time, if you post pictures and content is very attractive, as visitors will read this article carefully, at the same time with the main role is not conducive to optimization, but attract visitors will increase access time on the map, in order to better improve the browsing time, if I just because you have the people to give you a single page weight that engine cannot ranking, this Pages per day

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