Ofish chat if YAHOO search CEO

Ofish: if I were blind Kan YAHOO search CEO

first statement I have that ability at the same time this may not be the essay topic, say something about some personal suggestions YAHOO search, generous stock.

1, do the search in China to talk about politics.

says two things first:

: Baidu made a cover, the first time I saw a very talented, overwhelmed with admiration for, too political. Schurrle, Yao Ming is a typical propaganda machine respected. Baidu is particularly keen political sense, and I judge this man is absolutely

has experienced a fierce political struggle.

two: this Christmas GG, YAHOO are LOGO, Baidu is not changed, Baidu is in the Ching Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, which also seems to be more political. The first to maintain the traditional culture itself, the second is on the whole of the official business Chaozuo holiday reservations. Jesus is not a saint of the party and the people.

may Yang Zhiyuan do not understand this, but I think under the red flag, under the red flag of the people do not do not understand this, consciously abide by the rules of reality is the only way out. China’s YAHOO, not YAHOO’s branch. The best completely off the hook or the U.S. Congress would move too much, a backseat driver, both the loss of reputation and fortune. So the same thing has a different ending: for example, MP3 download the defendant, Baidu win, YAHOO China lost. In fact, Baidu is a genuine foreign registered company, or in a vast sea of the island (Cayman Islands).

do not think that American companies do not speak politics, in fact, to speak more politically than the people. An example of McDonald’s in every branch of the country has a relatively secretive sector: the Ministry of government relations. It is generally requested that the city’s main officials of the wife, relatives or ex-wife as a leader. As a result, we can’t see the negative information about McDonald’s in the print media. There was an insider who boasted to me: "there is a way to get rid of negative reports in front of the press."

2, leaving Beijing

if I were CEO, I would just leave the public relations department in Beijing, the rest of the Department moved to Hangzhou, Wuhan, or any other similar capital city or district.

reason to reduce costs, reduce unnecessary expenses. QQ, 163, Alibaba are not all non Beijing enterprises now this social information transmission and the cost of space barrier has been very small.

reason 21 mountain, government resources being diluted. Just go to a capital city, is the local Internet industry’s biggest names, is today the most respected high-tech, green environmental protection industry. High tech park in the local, the local government has to face times, estimates of preferential policies take off, after all, China Merchants.

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