Start on the road to crossed the five threshold sour sweet bitter hot

the vast majority of people is the pursuit of comfort and ease, people are accustomed to animals, it is difficult to give up the existing advantages, so many people dream and entrepreneurship is a false dream. If you choose to start really, you have to cross the five threshold



titanium media note: This paper is multi backup CEO Hu Maohua for their entrepreneurship experience summary, when a startup anniversary, decided to write an article to review business decision, determination and practice experience of the five step, motivate yourself, and share them all and are ready to start business colleagues, and seven authorized titanium media author Nan published.

The first hurdle

Entrepreneurship: make a decision

time back 1 years, in October 18, 2013, we released the service. At that time, the company has only three people, the founder of Chen Yuanqiang, graduated a year Shaanxi senior tour pal fat, Tencent part-time buddy crowded 10 square meters room together, create the great cause. At this time I met with more than and 10 years of strong Chen Yuan invited me back to Shenzhen venture together. The ideal is full, the reality is very cruel! We are family business, for us is not to do can do the decision. I think all the people and I like to face this problem: wife, mother-in-law, parents do not understand the opposition to obstruct, child education, personal occupation development breakthrough, entrepreneurship means zero income, family life disorder, personal energy overdraft etc..

13 years, I have been more than 10 thousand people in three companies (Tencent, Shanda, shop No. 1), the larger the enterprise the more detailed division of labor, the existence of individuals and a sense of accomplishment is fuzzy, is reduced; the larger the enterprise system more weight, flow is longer, less efficient, effective working time more personal shorter, grow more slowly, especially the managers, not down to earth day meeting to discuss the strategy, communication, reporting, performance, budget, let us do the Internet 10 years people very insecure. Things that go wrong and can’t change at work can bring back the family and the friends around. So this is the first reason to convince family and himself: what the hell do you like? I remember to leave the shop No. 1 and founder Liu Junling to dinner, he told of his time after the venture does not belong to you, sacrificing a lot of hobbies, often at night 3, woke up at 4 can’t sleep, really start very bitter. I asked if you would choose to start a business?". I said, "then you shouldn’t discourage me from starting a business".

entrepreneurial decision is to follow your heart, do not wronged your ideas, to speak out, but also to practice it!

is very lucky, after 14 years of work out life milepost step, in May of this year, I moved to Shenzhen 5 years after the start of new life,

!The second hurdle: find the

venture partner

we currently have three partners, Chen

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