Government butt fresh electricity supplier success need to work hard

is not a fresh new business model, has now become numerous business platform xiangbobo, Amazon’s use of the advantages of logistics, established a fresh dock, while the grain and Jingdong cross collaborated on I bought the network, even a low-key WAL-MART also began playing the fresh business idea, in addition to this besides, even the government also began to escort, electronic business platform to help contact agricultural production base, solve the business platform of fresh agricultural product problems. It seems everything is ready, but it was a kick when he found Zhou Yu mouth vomiting blood, because of the lack of wind.

Dongfeng should pay attention to logistics

is the current electricity supplier platform began playing the fresh business segments, but also because of a sense of self logistics system now began to mature, some business platform have their own logistics system, such as the logistics system of Jingdong can now reach the city that day, so COFCO and Jingdong cooperation clearly has the foundation of fresh operation the electricity supplier, logistics and fresh food. This can achieve the basic application of fresh electricity supplier, but it still has to have a premise, that is, users and distribution base can not be too far away, or logistics will become a bottleneck.

of course, fresh electricity can also walk out of the community of operating mode, cooperation that is fresh business platform and community supermarkets, chain stores, and mining community fresh electricity potential, but these applications are looks feasible, but once really implemented, even the logistics problem, you will find that the logistics cost is this is a high, is not conducive to the rapid development of the electricity supplier of fresh bottleneck.

government help is only able to optimize the specification

fresh electricity supplier operation will produce more disputes, then as the government’s relevant departments how to avoid these risks. The government also actively approached the farm, and allow the business platform to form their own self farm fresh base, and be able to provide fresh business platform for special products, which can effectively promote the business platform of the quality of fresh products in high quality, driven, apparently can effectively offset some of the logistics costs, this may be the government of the largest fresh electricity supplier promotion.

but again big promotion also will inevitably have some potential problems, it is lack of basic facilities, fresh electricity providers how to communicate and farmers, even business platform self built production base, the base and the business platform of communication to docking, these are serious challenges, to know the current popularity of construction China telecom channel in rural areas is not high, especially the speed, if the electricity supplier platform communication bottlenecks in speed, so time can’t guarantee, which is one of the important factors of fresh electricity supplier development.

in addition, fresh cold chain is expected but one of the difficulties is still not that, even if the Jingdong is a mature logistics system, the cold chain does not have the advantage, which leads to fresh electricity can only be confined to a certain region.

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