This is really coming electronic business platform will blow the horn of P2P

I have always believed that China’s P2P industry has always been the lack of one of the most important entry, which is now the protagonist of the electricity supplier Finance: the major electricity providers, including Ali, Jingdong, Tencent, etc..

business through frequent commodity trading and real-time data flow accumulation, potentially forming a large Internet based data warehouse, pure lines can carry Internet data credit, and this credit is now most P2P platforms lack.

recently, there is news that Ali finance, Tencent and Shanghai respectively pat loan and Beijing peer-to-peer lending contact, hoping to acquire a stake in the entity or the P2P company, although the authenticity of the message to be verified, but it can be verified by I forecast in October in an article: "P2P is the most worthy of attention: a potential game player Ali, Jingdong, future". From the current trend of the development of Internet banking, the electricity supplier platform for the financial commitment to the role of the basic charge, but also tried almost all kinds of Internet banking in addition to P2P. With the rectification of the P2P industry into the era of regulation, the stability of the industry order, large electronic business platform to enter the P2P industry will become a choice.

China’s P2P industry alienation obvious

view of the P2P industry Chinese, the majority of small and medium-sized platform is based on the line, and the maturity mismatch between the pool of funds and specific targets to achieve financing, which bears great risks: economic cycle risk, system risk and the resulting squeeze against the risk. It can be said that China’s P2P mostly by the name of P2P and the development of non P2P, or the variation of online and offline financing business.

in addition to a small number of platforms to stick to the principles of P2P online, data credit and account third party hosting, most of the net loan platform are free of regulatory loopholes, the possibility of a large outbreak of risk. In this regard, the news rumors Ali, Tencent observed pat credit, everyone is considered to adhere to the bottom line of the P2P industry representatives.

this type of P2P although the company started slowly, the scale of the business model is also difficult to get online in the short term, the capital ball rolling, but in the long run, is conducive to the risk control. Because of the specific project, the bidding deadline and the capital is one-to-one, there is no risk of a run, but the risk of a bad assets rate.

P2P why need electronic business platform?

relative to the electronic business platform database, P2P data credit is relatively less perfect and substantial. In fact, some P2P companies have begun to learn from the electricity supplier data credit model, to the electricity supplier business lending also requires each other to provide water and order data on the electricity supplier, and verify. Most of the P2P is not aware of the importance of business credit, still use a similar line the banks of audit methods in dealing with business platform, real estate, land survey, mortgage and debt, not only increase the cost but also against P>

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