Small and medium sized companies seeking business growth through Witkey

due to the financial crisis, small and medium-sized enterprises and the business volume of some domestic studio website construction, the design of a serious recession, some companies for three consecutive months without orders, to bring serious challenges for survival. Due to the fact that many companies also use the traditional operator + technology mode of operation, so that the operating costs of enterprises can not be high, and business growth has little effect.

some of the small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to realize the serious problem of this model, the transition into Witkey web site, to seek growth in order by the power of the network, and achieved good results.

Zhejiang branch via network limited duty since 2008 August, due to the impact of the market environment, Yiwu is about 30% of the logistics company operating difficulties, the company suddenly about 60% fewer. The company responsible person told the author, that time is very difficult, from August to November, in order to pull business investment about 100000, but lose everything.

then one day after a friend, the official start when a Witkey pig online, from the most basic construction site for business. "Because we have a very strong strength, so the winning record is good, plus we used to have a huge library, many customers are also very trusted us. So we pulled on the side of the pig popularity, while the list, now in the pig to pick up on the nearly 40 list, finally solved the problem of growth, to allow the company to revive."

pig eight quit the tender task, but also very suitable for our company. See the pig network launched gold membership services, compared to the ordinary members of the free service, found gold membership services from both the number of bidders, bid after the bid opportunity is larger than ordinary members, I can also see the customer contact, I can also work in space for customers to see, these are ordinary members do not have the. "Look up, the bid rate and the receiving rate greatly improved."

March, the company received 4 pen more than 10 thousand orders have been busy enough, new orders have been unable to answer, only the next completed connection.

March 31st, Chongqing 3X brand design studio to spend 20 yuan in pig network upgrade to the gold member, the reason is very simple, want to pass the Witkey orders, seek the source of business. The studio has 3 people, usually we do each, with the business together to do. But the company staff told the author, have no business for a long time, in the "one can’t make bricks without straw". Gold membership services for our studio is very applicable, so I want to seek business growth in this way.

in addition to the above two, Beijing logo design studio, Zhejiang, Yongkang graphic design studio also joined the ranks of gold medals. Data show that had come from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hongkong and other places, many website design companies, advertising companies, studios and SOHO owners, see Witkey mode bring to the company business.

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