Ali B2B Wade’s website 1688 wholesale import to create the world’s largest import distribution plat

lead: Ali to the electricity supplier transformation of the imported wholesale, the price of imported products or halved.


cross-border trade is the hot word this year, if the consumer side of the cross-border B2C analogy into dew on the iceberg of the sea, then the cross-border B2B is hidden in the water most of the pang. Alibaba is through its website 1688 B2B import wholesale trade this big cake.

in May 5th, as part of a group of cross-border import strategy, global sourcing platform Ali unveiled, before domestic wholesale business started to cross the import, Spain became the first local exporters and settled in the platform of the country, such as Italy and South Korea will follow.

due to the import link relates to complex links, lead to a large number of foreign or some small brands in the local influential brand has been unable to enter the China market, Ali is aimed at this kind of businesses. Overseas companies just online orders (from Chinese wholesalers), the rest of the platform and TP (taobaopartner, third party service providers) to complete.

1688 division senior director Liu Fei told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, this is the end of the distribution platform for B, but with the cost of the platform by simplifying the import process of this chain compression, finally C end consumers will be price benefits.

took a bottle of the local price of 10 euros in the Spanish wine as an example, according to the middlemen (the importer, the total generation, regional agents, wholesalers, retailers) respectively increase 15% calculation (which almost is the lowest, increase the proportion of industry) plus import tariffs, logistics and transport and a series of import costs, China consumers buy it the price is at least 240 yuan, or even put this bottle of wine online on the shelves are usually priced up to 599 yuan or 699 yuan.

through the import of 1688 distribution platform, the future of the retail side to get the price of this bottle of wine will be about 116 yuan, which is how to do it?

first, in the transformation of the import chain, providing a "single window" for 1688 overseas sources, is actually the past by the import and export business to do their CIF aboard, and inspection, tax, customs clearance and other various import unified package to this single window to do, the formation of a lower import the cost of the whole link path.

told the "First Financial Daily" interview with reporters, the 1688 business operations director Chen Yiming for example, Jicai model can reduce shipping costs through economies of scale, if the number of domestic wholesalers reserve a category of goods in one country, 1688 platform can reduce the freight container through the fight way. In addition, with the platform and the domestic free trade zone, bonded areas and other government departments in depth, in the cost and efficiency of clearance will also appear affordable space, these are the advantages of a single window.


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