Chen Ou micro blog responds to the firm sued the United States is the cleanest electricity supplier


technology news December 16th noon news, "according to a US firm sued" incident, CEO Chen Ou in micro-blog responded, he said, "the fake storm only the United States third party watch business, rather than the core of the cosmetics business line; the United States is the most responsible for the electricity supplier to the consumer; the United States is the cosmetics brand the most authorized, and only one can really experience the electricity supplier website."

below is the full text of Chen Ou micro-blog:

you never know what Chen Ou doing in the last six months

, an American firm, there is no end..

morning home phone woke me up and said a US firm sued us, the stock is still down. My family really scared, they do not understand the Wall Street operation law, see the prosecution of the two words is scared to death. Many days have not slept soundly, to appease is scared to death of relatives and friends every day, this black eye is really no way to stop it.

black eye is not terrible, anyway, listed in the past six months, has been black out xiang. Has been to avoid is not, in the teeth of the storm, I rarely come out sounding, but the more the more negative silence. There are a lot of people ask, the United States in the last six months in the end what to do, Chen Ou in the six months to do. Maybe I have to clear my throat.

you only see fake rumors, but didn’t see the United States is the most clean electricity supplier

some time ago a third party e-commerce platform selling fake watches, countless business involved. Poly beauty is the core business of self cosmetics, third party watches are entirely edge business, in the event, but the most hurt. I have to admit that our management loopholes, when the United States do early non cosmetic business as long as the platform, businesses to provide authorization, plus its credentials as in other large platform operations, we will allow businesses to enter our platform. Perhaps too young simple too, we have always felt that the larger platform will be better than our audit, after all, third party business earlier than we have for many years. After the accident, we found out that the audit logic is totally a light on a piece of paper and authorization platform sales records, impossible to control, the quality of the goods and platform management, is far from our strict.

had an accident, the other platform, turn off the store involved, fined a statement issued, and then how to continue to sell how to sell. The choice of the United States directly brandished a knife from the palace, There was no parallel in history., zero tolerance cut down the third luxury business lines, authorized are stopped, from the source to solve the problem. Many people are opposed to this choice, because the knife down, the performance is bound to be damaged, for a quarterly report card to be submitted to the listed companies, this choice is extremely heavy. My starting point is very simple and very selfish, because I can not stand my name linked to fake, I can not tolerate people who trust me disappointed. I would also like to cut off the edge of the business does not affect the consumer of the United States

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