Suning com recruiting to accelerate the development of electronic commerce

days ago, Suning Appliance released in 2011 the overall development planning to focus on the development of electronic commerce. Among them, Suning Appliance in 2011 to implement the adjustment of, which was established by the listed company holding the independent of the operating system and programming China occupy the mainstream position of e-commerce market in the next ten years, to create a "Su Ning equate".

will set up an independent e-commerce operating system

vice chairman of Suning Appliance Sun Weimin said Suning Appliance in the focus of development planning in 2011, an adjustment is the most important for In 2011, Suning will conduct a comprehensive organizational adjustment, set up by the listed company holding the independent electronic commerce operation system, to the company’s way of operation. In addition, will also use independent mining supporting management system and marketing system, market information, finance, human resources, administration etc.. The positioning of Suning Appliance for is that Chinese occupy the mainstream position of e-commerce market in the next ten years, to create a "Su Ning equate".

Tesco will have independent pricing system

president of Suning Appliance, Jin Ming released the 2011 development plan of, he said that will focus on creating large-scale integrated B2C website, home appliances, 3C products industry, simultaneously into the department store and virtual goods market. In the virtual goods market, the rapid expansion of application software, game cards, prepaid and other value-added services.

second, in the supply chain, will continue to rely on the scale of the group purchasing cost advantage, on the one hand to strengthen the independent procurement to meet the market characteristics of goods.

third, in the pricing system, independent operating system has been formed, will establish an independent pricing system. will be in the same product quality, user experience and service conditions, to ensure that the price competitive advantage.

fourth, in the customer experience, will increase the software, electronic books, video, games and other content products, and launched prepaid recharge, ticket booking, movies on demand, music downloads and other value-added services; the establishment of home appliances in the home appliance professional knowledge of professional knowledge, for consumers to check the electrical professional knowledge, while providing all kinds of information to provide consumers with the use of experience, evaluation, comparison, for provide the basis for decision making.

at the same time, will also make full use of our suppliers and strategic cooperation, into the intelligent mobile phone, computer, smart TV and other multimedia terminal.

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