On the skills of blog marketing

blog marketing, many people will. Also have their strokes, I do not have their own blog to promote their own, I do not think it necessary. Oh, I want to actually do this forum moderators, whether I should write out some experience with everyone learning? Think for a long time, because my writing is not so smooth, easy to write in my blog in some marketing experience


first, we need to figure out the following questions:

a, what is the purpose of building a blog?

B, the establishment of the blog want to achieve what kind of effect?

before the establishment of the blog I do not write, will be on the Internet will do it, then I will start from the registration of a good order to talk about it:

a blog settings:

1, the title of the blog settings: the title of the blog is your front door signs, such as: you want to do is the beauty of the product site marketing blog, then your blog name should be how to get it?

name of the product from the XX product experience club, XX product exchange center and so on, this way, for your keywords in the blog site to occupy a place. After the search engine included, as long as you have a good classification of other categories, the key words of the content is appropriate, then it is easy for your blog will be ranked in front.

2, the classification settings: you want to promote the main keywords to classify column name, such as: I want to push my company’s website in the business network, I will put the classification set: A, the merchant business network business, B business network business C business network, smell the story of D, the success of the road network business opportunities… And so on, so, I want to push the key words: business opportunities, the density of his right.

3, the content of the keyword density: you have issued every article, we must pay attention to the keyword density, an article in general, the number of keywords appear in general 10-15 times is enough. Note here is the key words do not overlap. In the key words in the article to join the link URL, so that can increase the site external links.

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