Pay attention to e commerce purchase rate should be improved from four key points

With the development of

, e-commerce in the long term, the electronic commerce industry, has become a hot industry, many big station station, but in general, money is the last word. Then in the e-commerce sites to make money on the road, two words, presumably you as owners are most concerned about, the electronic commerce website purchase rate and conversion rate, only the conversion rate, namely the purchase rate, the website in order to survive, to go on. Traffic is very high, but for the Internet users, your site can not arouse the desire to buy Internet users, and can not allow users to buy your product, then your site can not be regarded as a success. The conversion rate is high, the purchase rate high is the hard truth. So what are the important factors affecting the purchase rate and conversion rate of e-commerce sites, and now on this issue, to talk about the past few years in my experience in e-commerce and share with you.

first point: flow

traffic on the first point, I also want to say. After all, in order to have the conversion rate and purchase rate, we must first have popularity, there is no popularity of the site, talk about the conversion rate, so how to drain, how to increase the popularity of the site, which is also crucial. There are a lot of things we need to do in the drainage process. The quality of traffic determines the conversion rate of Internet users and then successfully buy your products. There are many ways to drain, we can according to their own characteristics of e-commerce sites targeted drainage, product targeted, targeted at the crowd, place, to drainage.

second points: Web Design

attracted traffic, and your site itself is nothing new, rigid, no vitality, unable to absorb the Internet users, users see a home page did not want to look at the desire of second. Imagine such a site, how to successfully transform the purchase rate, even to the popularity, but also a traveler, can not become the protagonist. So this is emphasized in the web design to design appropriate, make you perfectly logical and reasonable, the product is reflected, let users see you want to buy, at first glance also want to continue browsing your site for a while, then there is a chance of success. We can’t let go of any chance to do our best. A platform of electronic business website is the appearance of the facade, this is like shopping, good salesman we will stop to look at several, whether to buy her products, at least we pay attention to her, selling things in the subconscious with memory. The same token when a browser through your promotion to your site, if you see a very mediocre website I believe that the credibility of your site and the quality of your products will be greatly reduced. E-commerce platform is a single platform, there is nothing to attract the eye of the article and content, if the aesthetic is not enough to do so in the conversion rate, so the site’s art design is also essential.

third points: website content quality

in the rapid development of e-commerce today, Internet users are more and more critical, you just copy a few articles, no >

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