Google bidding tips


received this project when I saw their website, basically did not do SEO, search engine optimization did not do, I checked a Baidu, Google are not included in their website.

received this project is already the end of the year, because the site is that they ask the network company to do, huh, huh, I think the network company in the lazy it, the company’s key words,


1, the average ranking is 1.2 this is related to your bid, you set the bid is $3, so as long as there is no higher than I bid, then I ranked first,

2, the average click price is 1.88

this is the click of the price, not how much I click on the number, so you want to bid on the top of the location you only bid.

you look ranking is 1.2

modified ad set


1, I also only in the search results appear. An alliance of other content advertising does not appear, because targeted very strong, is I 5 yuan a point I are worth it.

2, this is a regional, because it is a processing enterprise, and now 90% of the customers are Hunan, so the search group locked in Hunan. Into the other is a random fee.

3, this can effectively control their advertising costs.

4, which is the display of the time period, Adwords provides a good study of each function.

now you look at the search results






I have done 22 keyword search results appear on the left side of the first.

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