in those one billion yuan worth of Procter & Gamble committed errors marketing people

author left Procter & Gamble in 2015 to start a business, the creation of their own brand. In the recently held IDG investment enterprise CEO exchange meeting, the author and more than 20 CEO here to share his valuable experience in the past 10 years of marketing work. Marketing people must see!


first, I’d like to thank my old boss for not killing him. In the past years, I have made a lot of mistakes, and some even tens of millions of dollars of errors. 5 of the following failed products or brands, these years together there should be nearly $1 billion in sales loss, but P & G has been given is the trust and authorization.

secondly, to admit that there are some "title party"". Some of these mistakes, I was the executor, and some just close to the spectator. As a multinational company in China’s professional managers, there is often a difficult to influence the decision of the global headquarters of powerlessness. In 2015, I left Procter & Gamble, the Whampoa  military academy, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, has become a brand’s top decision-makers. I would like to remind myself of this article, do not forget the beginning of the heart, the party has always been.

and encourage entrepreneurs.

error: Clarol, from the door to marry goddess


2001, Procter & Gamble Clairol brand from Shi Guibao married. In 2015, Procter & Gamble announced the sale of a number of small brands, including clairol.

The first project

in 2007 I joined the marketing department is responsible for Procter & Gamble after "Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo in the China line upgrade. That year, Procter & Gamble in the world gradually upgrade to positioning, packaging Clairol shampoo, and the formula for the overall change.

but after the upgrade, the majority of countries in the world have seen a decline in sales. To China as an example, see the data from the market has been open, once a year the sales volume of nearly 400 million yuan, occupy the market share of nearly 3% brands, and then be on a par with VS. 2008 sales after the upgrade does not rise and fall. By 2014, sales of upgraded products had only a peak of 1/3. In recent years, Chinese shampoo market doubled, the loss is caused by the upgrading of hundreds of millions of dollars.


this is the high hopes of the history of the biggest upgrade why bear so bitter fruit?

seven years later, I summed up the following lessons.

, a step too far, bullshit: in order to cater to the "new generation" aesthetic, new product change upgrade: huge bottle, liquid, flavor, formula of change. The most direct result is: old users can not recognize the new product.

at a supermarket in Shanghai, I saw a scene where a consumer stood in front of a shop in a daze

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