An anti mainstream coalition may have a future inspiration! This video is the Internet security first explosion of non mainstream news, a little Youku little habits friends will generally watch video, and look at the comments, the author roughly 10 to see page about 99% of users said that playing light.

is a group of people, a kind of things, incredibly want to create such as idiotic, non-mainstream of words is a sarcastic irony that things is how a failure! Here to talk about this kind of site


traffic source:

1, QQ group, at present there are countless against the QQ group, might sneak in playing advertising, because is not against, should be able to lead a little


2, the long tail word! A little experience of friends can think of the truth.

3, vigorously promote, because the current anti non people have a lot of, not just a slogan, as long as the Internet users come to your site, you stand other functions will also retain part of the net friend!

this is just a small idea of my personal just, the current non point of a large class of non formal station has not, even if it is not a blank should be a little bit of the future, we should know that such a long tail word but a lot of


site selling point:

needs to support less resources, simple production, even if it is just a m just, I personally do not make love and not the thing, I just put a little advice, I think some of the feasibility, the most important thing is to pay attention to the transformation, from the transfer to other content, the lot! But there are some suggestions made form the forum video!


my head in the executable test method:

1, production characteristics, to fashion, I love China, Chinese wind (because people in the non – set).

2, pull, pull a IP2000 is the first step.

3, with their high IP site into traffic, my idea is a non mainstream station, because the general non nets are quite non, if imported to the non league I think a lip is a cavity can hardly be avoided.

4, continuous publicity and the introduction of traffic, what amount are imported, open entertainment area.

if the ability of the friends I think you should consider this kind of site, the biggest selling point is hot, others make you money! Your good is really good!

if you feel ridiculous friends please laugh, not able to carry out the task, not only to perform the task of


want to know that there is no such stations, and the current non – Anti – boom is growing, more and more non – Anti – future……

I’m just talking about my point of view, I don’t do it myself

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