How to make money by Taobao video marketing operations two

had already made good use of video traffic to other people, the advantage is to reduce the tedious steps of our own to send video, the disadvantages are also obvious, such "hijacking" behavior, will largely affect the Taobao customer relationships, at the same time, eat the rest of the meal, still not so fragrant. Yesterday, share with you is about to upload their own video Taobao customer promotion mode, see how the video marketing Taobao money off (a).

video marketing model, there are some problems need to pay attention to. Next, Huo always share common problems about video marketing and several people:

how to reduce the probability of video deleted


1, video upload, an account does not exceed 5 videos, especially Sina, Youku, phoenix.

in fact, not just video marketing, so when we are doing Baidu, try not to use a published account of too much advertising, Baidu did Post Bar marketing friends should know, if one of your posts in Post Bar in the bar, if you think your posts are not harmonious so, there is a problem, right out your account, but it is completely blocked, in other words, including all your posts before, will be hidden, usually as long as the mobile phone number to bind to restore, but also increased the difficulty of operation, so, in order to avoid being jiuzu collective punishment, or suggest a account, don’t put too much video.

2, the official video length of more than 5 minutes

auditors usually put a start, but the task is heavy, usually do not complete the entire video, so you have to choose the video over 5 minutes, so as to reduce the probability of deletion.

3, change account for ip

4, the video can not have logo (especially the third party video site) put a white picture, covering logo.

5, do not upload too much video at the same time, even if you enjoy the kind of Hongkong dozens of megabytes per second speed, if conditions permit, try to ensure that the interval of more than 1 hours.

6, do not upload the same video with the same account in the same site

7, do not have obvious advertising especially pornographic advertising

8, watermark location as far as possible to set the fixed rather than floating show

9, similar video over

10, the title of contact

11, the title and description of the key words contain obvious phenomenon.

Why not play



1, keyword selection error, may not be the key words.


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