WeChat fans authenticity

WeChat fans, this is very important for us. We also know that there are many ways to promote the fans, but not to say that all the way is suitable for us. For us, we are the most simple is the fastest we spend money with the number.

for this number, we think we are most worried about is that we promote the authenticity of the fans come in. Because we have to spend some money, we need to see some results. There is now a lot of large fans authenticity, there are a lot of zombie powder. We may encounter such a situation, we extended the number may fan activity is not so good, but you must help promotion is need you see some results, then you need to get some zombie fans, so to achieve the purpose of promotion, it can make you believe will be able to help you how many fans, and again asked him to do the promotion for you. For this, we do not deny that there is, but it is very rare, it also had to do prevention.

so how should we judge the authenticity of our fans


first: reading volume

reading volume, this is mainly to see the article after we promote the amount of reading and we promote the article before reading. It can not be said that we promote the amount of reading and reading before the promotion is no change. Of course, if you are in the promotion of dozens of fans, you’ve read before and certainly does not have what difference, of course, if you are looking for a number of others to promote it, so many cases are spread in dozens of hundreds of fans, because of the promotion of the whole is to spend money for us, a lot of people are try holding the attitude, can see how much the fans. But for the resources, they have their own number, then it is not to spend any money, then it will be more rapid promotion, the growth of thousands of fans every day, and sometimes thousands of others, as shown in Figure:


for the rise in the amount of thousands of fans, then you increase the amount of reading two hundred or three hundred is no problem, if only a few dozen increase in the amount of reading, then we may have some problems with this promotion. And we need to pay attention to is to view the source of our fans growth, there is a search for micro signal, there is a search for the name of the public WeChat, there is the upper right corner, sweep the two-dimensional code, etc.. This will require a combination of our promotion, if our promotion is to push the micro signal, so most of our fans are to rely on search micro signal, so you can quickly check our promotion is true.

second: do custom menu to see the amount of reading

custom menu, we can do some interesting test and the other in the custom menu, how much amount of reading we can view each of our content, so that we can probably estimate how many people participate in the us. As shown in Figure:

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