Novice webmaster website promotion optimization method example two

a few days ago issued an article on the website promotion, today to continue the topic of the day

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I am a novice webmaster, set up their own websites (daily movie network only a few days, but also not to mention the website promotion very much, but these days for their website promotion to more friends, I spent a lot of time in the promotion efforts, there are some results, the following methods, step by step, to be patient, I believe it will get better soon.

method four: QQ group

is now very much the QQ group of users, this is a good use of the resources should be, you can apply for a new QQ, and then search the Tencent QQ group number, one by one, there will always be a part of going through your request. After adding a certain amount, you can start to send. I would like to mention is that do not go directly to the beginning of advertising, it will certainly lead to resentment of others, and may soon be kicked out, so the effect is not too good. How do you do it? You can send an instant message in the QQ group, a person to write a more polite, so there are still a lot of people will accept, will support you.

method five: major search engine landing

there are a lot of people are through the search engine to find the information they need, so we must make good use of search engines. Hand to each big search engine on your website (to hear better effect by hand), login search engine, we must update the content every day, every day to keep things fresh, insist on a period of time, basically will be included. Baidu to slow, but as long as adhere to, Baidu will also be included in your site, Baidu is the domestic search engine boss, Baidu will be collected after the site will certainly multiply.

method six: e-mail group

now basically have Internet access e-mail, e-mail messages sent through the group is also a good way to promote. The title of the message must be attractive, do not look at advertising information, the title is attractive, exciting content, will certainly bring a certain amount of traffic.


network promotion method

this is the best way to website promotion! As long as you recommend your site one or two good article, you will find that the traffic is from fanchon over amazing. Recommend a few relatively large amount of network access: every day more, Gaga abstracts, everyone, sina VIVI, I picked. The recommended articles should pay attention to, it is not fine is more! In the use of feeds before, be sure to read his explanation, so as not to violate the provisions to be included in the blacklist. In this respect

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