Cool 6 network PPLive and other seven sites jointly organized in 2009 the network Spring Festival


seven popular websites co hosted the 2009 network Gala

2009 Spring Festival organized by the network

China first piano portal website "starry piano nets" in January 19th will be officially meet with the majority of Internet users. Then, in addition to the netizens in the starry piano nets ( Click to watch the party, cool 6 network, storm video, PPLive, network, Admin5 Yanhuang stationmaster net, Chinese stationmaster station, the laggards seven domestic websites, as the network party co sponsor, will also be in their home the launch of this spring to click on the link, help users to click to watch at any time.


presided over the humorous funny cartoon

Cool 6 network as the leading video site, by the industry as the world’s fastest rising Internet Co; PPLive is a large-scale video broadcast on the Internet for free software, this software is high in Baidu software billboard ranking on the list, TOP50 days for nearly a year, which is sufficient to prove the the storm hit the popular software; ( is currently the largest Chinese player software, is currently the most popular player on the internet. In addition, the laggards ( is the largest of the webmaster community; Yanhuang network from its inception in 2005 quickly won the favor of individual stationmaster, the number of users currently have over 10000; China station is a specialized technology for the size of website and resource service website, now has the largest source download center and webmaster, webmaster community network aggregation, Download Center has become a large domestic similar download one station; as one of the largest domestic webmaster network traffic, Admin5 station network ( with its high popularity as webmaster will be on the site.

The seven

website jointly launched in 2009 jointly boost network Spring Festival Gala, will undoubtedly for the gala’s promotion, hit the waves. The network Spring Festival Gala to win so many popular sites of common favor, showing its influence and charm, but also allow users to the content of the Spring Festival Gala increasingly look forward to. In addition to the night of January 19th 18:00, the gala will uncover its mystery, then, the majority of users to log in or above the seven starry piano nets co website, 2009 list of the gala’s true face of Mount Lu.

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