The domain name Yao Ming was stir the highest bid million

in recent days, although Yao Ming’s heat has been reduced, but with the domain name of Yao Ming, but the more hot speculation".

yesterday, the "daily economic news" reporter in the domain name trading site "CN" see, "", "" a domain name associated with Yao Ming is selling, holders and even bid one million yuan.

Yao Ming related domain name was ~2007 years in 2006 was crazy speculation, after a lapse of 4 years, Yao Ming related domain name and reproduce. There are domain enthusiasts broke the news, "", "", "" and other domain names are on sale. Auction records show that, most attention.

reporter in the national network catalog database query found that holders for the Zhejiang businessman Wu Bo, the data show that its domain name registered in April 2006, due in April 2013.

yesterday (September 7th), Wu Bowei said, domain name at least 1 million yuan". Yao Ming is now 30 years old, he and his team can not give up such an important business brand".

at the same time, "" domain name website shows, "the domain name only for economic strength and strategic vision of the enterprise or individual reservations". The site registrar Han Long said that the domain name is on sale, the price is about 100 thousand. Although Yao Ming retired, but the influence is still, the domain name value will highlight."

, a broker focused on the domain name, said in the domain name trading industry, the price of 100 thousand yuan has been very expensive, there are rarely more than $100 thousand. However, the auction process shows that the recent crowd, number up to four hundred or five hundred, but not really participate in the offer.

, a senior domain name speculation, said, the author is speculation Yao Ming will develop their own brand, its value is like the holder said, it is difficult to determine, unless Yao Ming own money to buy".

Thai lawyer Huang Chunhai said yesterday that the transfer of the domain name there may be legal issues. If the Yao Ming team before the domain name registered the Yaoming trademark, there is a conflict between domain name and trademark rights. At the same time, if Yao Ming related domain names in the business field, and the use of the relevant portrait of Yao Ming, there is the problem of unfair competition, therefore, buyers need to pay attention to risk.

it is understood that Yao Ming’s investment involves IT, sports, restaurants and other industries, there is a YAO restaurant and so few of the free brand

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