Liu Ren was whirling Qihoo feel injustice Thousand Oaks whitewash stakeholders a deputy general manager was charged with extortion negative posts "Qihoo" PR or blackmail as the focus of the trial

day before IT, much attention " deputy general manager of" extortion "Qihoo" case of the end of a trial court in Beijing Xicheng District court.

was once known as the "first" IT reporter Liu Ren and the two men together in court. And ask for "public relations fees" in the end does not belong to the blackmail and impose exactions on the controversial focus of the case.

behind the case in the end how to hide a story. After a survey finally restored to this case.

case investigation

Qihoo curses the user clicks on the decrease of 5 million

began in July 2008, the company began the Qihoo 360 found a large number of insults, slander the 360 antivirus software on the network. By August 2008, in addition to the original article, and the emergence of a large number of directly insulting the company leaders of the post.


lapse of one year, "Qihoo" company president Qi Xiangdong in an interview with reporters, explains the direct impact of these articles of the company by.


began to scold us company post I really didn’t care, I found a serious decline in the volume of customers, until after more than a month, calculated according to the proportion of Internet users, we lost the equivalent of a province of customers……" Qi Xiangdong said.

, according to Qi Xiangdong, the company’s operating income mainly depends on the amount of user clicks.

because these slander and abusive articles, the user clicks the company’s original dropped by nearly 5 million.

until then, "Qihoo" the company realized the seriousness of the matter.

lock post deleted articles have to dig delete posts fee

in the "Qihoo" company high-level attention, the company responsible for the brand maintenance staff quickly locked the attack the publisher.

at the publisher, the "Donews" website and " technology" was identified as the earliest release site. These sites behind the "boss" is thousand oaks Internet technology Beijing has whole Network Development Co. ltd..

"I thought it was a good solution, because I had a friend in a thousand oaks." Responsible for handling the matter of the "Qihoo" company brand director Tu Jianlu told reporters, so he took the phone call in the past, I hope they can delete those irresponsible articles.

said the old friend Tu Jianlu, when he and the staff in the "Thousand Oaks" company on the phone when he found that it did not imagine that simple.

Tu Jianlu told reporters on the phone, "1000 oak" company staff Xu Xinshi explicitly proposed to delete posts, must be paid to the public.

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