Ant gold service to start thousands of counties trillion plan the rural Taobao is how to make money

today, March 28th, ant Gold Service announced the official launch of the "thousand County trillion" plan in its official micro-blog, the first test point for Zhejiang Anji County, the integration of high quality resources in Anji County, "county Internet plus", "Internet plus rural" way to boost the rural economy.


it made the old wheat thought of rural Taobao Taobao in 2014 October, when the rural has begun, the Alibaba plans 10 billion investment in 3 to 5 years, the establishment of 1000 county service centers and 100 thousand village service station, all of a sudden, go back to the countryside and set off a wave of wave of entrepreneurship.

a lot of small partners know that there is such a thing, but do not know how to make money in rural Taobao, and today, the old wheat simple to share what is the matter.

1, Taobao wants to join the rural, first you must be in the county and Alibaba opened County Service Station, you can apply for township and village site to the service station, otherwise it is not apply, and the person is unable to directly to the Alibaba for the opening of the county service station, which is between the government and the Ali cooperation.

2 in the rural areas, the homepage of Taobao (, down to the bottom, find the "Recruitment Partner", and then click go to read the application requirements, conditions is not high, the best online shopping experience and a knowledge rich, but also need the local office places, there are a few people team the assessment will be more easily through.

3, rural Taobao profit actually and Taobao off the pattern almost equivalent to help township people inside, middle earning commissions, the Commission is stationed in rural businesses Taobao platform set up a commission. The following figure:


shop should know, in the sale of baby Management Office "village Amoy baby" column, businesses need to click free to set up a commission ratio, rural partners through rural Taobao’s link to buy the goods, receipt confirmation will get the Commission.

this is the main profit of rural Taobao’s direction, of course, there will be a reward from the Alibaba, for example, you are responsible for this month or quarter of the township has reached a certain value, there will be more or less as a percentage, encourage rural Taobao entrepreneurial passion, this depends on individual team efforts and local conditions.

overall, rural electricity supplier is still in a relatively backward situation, including rural network coverage, logistics, ideas, computer and mobile phone penetration rate and poor still so a city.


therefore willing to return to the rural development of young people, the sentence is not called "wait until the market is mature, you have no chance." well, perhaps this is a fertile ground for ha ha ha, what do you want to see.

source: Guangzhou old wheat (WeChat public number gzlaomai) article link: http://s.>

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