Wuhan network rumors company controlled 312 big V over one million yuan profit

police interrogation network rumors "Navy one hundred thousand" boss tang.

network disinformation company "Navy one hundred thousand" all

issued a post award 50 Fen, so the network the Navy also known as the "50 Fen party". They hide in the users, in order to make money that trouble, slander slander, can also be through the black box operation will delete all the negative news, may let the unknown small star to attract more attention.

yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau informed, the police successfully destroyed an online rumors of speculation the company, arrested 27 criminals, Tang, Sohn and other major criminal suspects were criminal detention. Even more surprising is that the company’s more than 600 gunmen distributed in 28 provinces and cities, and has a "big V", fans reached a total of 220 million!

3 months of investigation, "" one hundred thousand


"Wuhan people exclusively through online rumors and other illegal speculation profit!" in May this year, the Wuhan police department received a clue on the Internet network security inspections. According to the related links and pages, the police launched a preliminary investigation for a period of time, found a track called "Navy one hundred thousand" website.

the site to undertake the network public relations business is very suspicious. It is at the top of the page itself as the "largest China network promotion website", with "network event topic, network planning activities and management depth of service ability…… Let all kinds of network activities and topics become the focus of public opinion and focus on product sales, but also cited a number of successful cases to prove its ability to operate on the internet.

signs, "behind the Navy one hundred thousand" active site with a gang engaged in illegal transactions! In accordance with the unified arrangements of the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau, Wuhan police will be the case as the focus of the investigation of cases.

3 months after

, a dedicated online rumors, speculation the company surfaced. Police in continuous tracking investigation, evidence of the company through the Internet Illegal speculation profit was found, to find out the operation of the company organization, personnel composition, and mastery of the corporate Tang’s basic situation and activity patterns, and the lock in the Peak District carnation building office.

when arrested, "50 Fen party" in the post

August 23rd at 3:30 in the afternoon, in the provincial network security corps under the guidance of police in Wuhan city and district level two forces, police, Interpol, the police SWAT, a total of 65 people, four Bingfen Road, out at the same time, two of which were located in Qingshan District personnel into the carnation building company dens.

in the periphery, the scene of the commanding heights of the corridor, the window and other key parts of the two groups after careful dispatched, police also knocked on the door of room 1101, 901. Not listed, no special scenery, no noise, streams of people busily coming and going, hidden in the residential building is very subtle. Enter the Sanshiliangting room, I saw the room was set up.

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