WeChat open login authorization third party developers can operate on behalf of the public

original title: WeChat public number can be real modern operation


Times News (reporter Liao Feng) yesterday, the Tencent’s Global Partner Conference WeChat sub forum, WeChat announced that the team will further increase to third party developers support, is now open for the "login authorization" function, allowing developers to help the public transport business.

WeChat open platform

assistant general manager Zeng Ming said: "WeChat to connect user interface and open out, allow third party developers to help businesses to provide more vertical segments, but also better solutions to meet the needs of businesses."

public sign allows the public to allow the public to own their own authority and ability to empower developers, allowing developers to help the public number operations. Public license will be provided to the public platform features industry optimization and public number of industry solutions. In order to ensure security, authorization by the security token mechanism, the password will not be available to developers.

third party developers need to first through the developer qualification certification, the establishment of the public service number in the management center, the development and testing after the submission of the entire network release.

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