What would happen if Chinese netizens visited the same website

if China most network traffic at the same time to the same site, how will the website? There is no doubt that the server will hang up.

Iconfactory company is located in the U.S. state of North Carolina greence Bole University City, the Senior Software Engineer Craig Hockenberry, have experienced such an event. On Tuesday, he woke up and found that the company’s main server about 13000 requests per second, about Google of the global search volume 1/3, and almost all access requests are from China IP.

Hockenberry said, a lot of access requests are directed to CDN, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other non Iconfactory DNS site, apparently all requests are misleading.

DNS (domain name system), as the name suggests is used to resolve the domain name server, such as google.com this domain name has a corresponding IP address, such as A web site will be a corresponding IP address, DNS can realize the conversion between the domain name and IP, but if the domain name query error, DNS will give you a wrong IP, then have a site similar to Iconfactory events.

this is not a DNS out of the question, but the whole of China’s DNS are out of the question.

in the end, in order to ensure the normal operation of the site, he was forced to limit access requests from china. Although he is a "open and free access to the Internet concept" supporters, will not easily limit people’s access requests, but this is the only way to work.

Hockenberry believes his website is not the only one affected. "Other web site defenders saw similar behavior in the early January, which gives us a little comfort. But every computer in China could be part of a massive DDOS attack against innocent websites.

from a Chinese Internet perspective, just let the website attack Iconfactory interrupt one hour only, but also lead to similar attacks, users can not access the website, also cannot use social media and other instant messaging services such as the consequences.

many experts have a weak DNS infrastructure as the Internet, when DNS was invaded or restrictions, it is difficult for users to access certain websites and domain name, unless you can use the alternate DNS and proxy server.

, for example, in early 2014, Syria electronic forces attacked the DNS server, the Facebook address into their own.

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