Because of suspected commercial harboring pirates Baidu said it used Post Bar firmly against profit


May 28th news, according to Baidu Post Bar "power game" was "stolen. Folk gangs" to replace the bar, or on the question and the Baidu business Post Bar. Baidu Post Bar released an official statement, said it used Post Bar firmly against acts of profit, the new fixed module, main office and replace all public information, let it replace the process more transparent.


Post Bar said in a statement after the investigation, the main game right according to the Post Bar management process belongs to the normal office, netizens report Baidu Post Bar was unable to confirm the evidence to verify the chat screenshot for the new host I rejected the request to replace the users. The main management, Post Bar has strict regulations and system.

Baidu post bar for the official statement:

1, the original power game (Fomalhaut) because it long time activity did not reach the main regulations, be removed from office. The Lord (Yu Shi) according to the normal process of Post Bar management office.

2, May 3, 2016, we in the report it received complaints from users, the "power game" the existence of commercial violations, requiring replacement of the lord. Our preliminary investigation concluded that: Friends of the QQ chat records can not confirm its authenticity, can not confirm the chat is my new host. The new charges for users and more than bar bar service is actually the same person, we in the background check IP address and other information, that is not the same person. So, according to the operating rules of Post Bar and existing evidence, dismissed the request of the users to replace it.

3, Baidu Post Bar resolutely combat Post Bar profit behavior by the lord. The main management, we also have strict norms and systems. Next, we will add the fixed module at all Post Bar, it took office and replaced all the publicity information, let it replace the process more transparent. For media coverage of the case, we will further investigate if it is a violation, we will withdraw its main duties. Users are welcome to supervise and report.

, 4 of the relevant reports, the main confusion of personal profit behavior and Post Bar commercialization, we regret, objectively also is working with the media to verify reports.

5, post bar is an open community, we welcome the supervision of the bar. We will uphold the correct mistakes attitude, continuous improvement of product and management process, provide better service for everyone.

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