Cai Wensheng 4399 annual revenue of the game at least 2 3 billion yuan

May 31st morning news, "webmaster" King Cai Wensheng and let the small owners who catch up. According to Cai Wensheng revealed on Saturday, he invested and served as chairman of the small game platform 4399 of the web game market share has accounted for 20%-30%. This calculation, the annual revenue of 4399 web games at least 2-3 billion yuan.

on Saturday (29 May), in 2010, China’s General Assembly held in Beijing, the Internet industry known as the king of the station, Cai Wensheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He disclosed the above information in his speech. Cai Wensheng said, do not brag about, we accounted for the domestic game market share of 20%-30%".


report released shows that in 2009 China’s web game market size of 990 million yuan, this year is expected to reach $1 billion 470 million. According to the proportion of 20%-30% projections, 4399 of the revenue of the game reached at least 2-3 billion yuan this year, is expected to reach $450 million to $300 million.

industry insiders Ye Hanliang in April this year, he said in his blog, 4399 of monthly income has reached $30 million. This figure and the proportion of Cai Wensheng’s market share is basically the same.

Cai Wensheng also revealed that 4399 of the main game, currently has a web game, but also plans to enter the social games or even large client games. Cai Wensheng hopes to build the 4399 largest gaming platform in the country, he called on the developers to develop games and components and win-win cooperation with the 4399.

4399 is a famous site navigation station (hao123 has been acquired by Baidu) founder Li Xingping founded, active in the domestic Internet industry Cai Wensheng angel investors invested 4399 in September 2008, and served as chairman of the board. 4399 is an online game platform, but also the joint operation of web games. 4399 of the flow of Alexa in the world’s top 348, millions of people visit every day.

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