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technology news August 1st afternoon message, according to the excellent step in the Internet industry drops today with a huge billows, drops travel afternoon officially announced a strategic agreement with Uber global travel, drops will acquire excellent step China brand, business and data in all of the assets, China operation. The landmark deal marks the beginning of a new phase of China’s travel industry.

according to the strategic agreement signed by the two sides, and Uber global travel will be mutual holdings of shares, becoming a minority shareholder. Uber will hold a 5.89% stake in the world, equivalent to the economic interests of the economy, the best of the rest of the Chinese shareholders of China will get a total of 2.3% of the economic interests of the 17.7%. Also became the only one Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu joint venture. At the same time, Cheng Wei, founder and chairman of the trip will join the Uber global board of directors. Uber founder Travis Kalanick will also be added to the trip board.

it is understood that the independence and China step will still maintain the brand and operation, experience and expertise will integrate their travel drops in the management team and technology, resource sharing, collaborative development in user resources, online and offline operations and marketing promotion level. In addition, drops travel will continue to actively expand international strategy.

drops travel CEO Liu Qing said that at present there are more than fifteen million drivers and three hundred million registered users have joined together to build the ecological community drops, circle of people, vehicles, traffic and life style interoperability, open and sharing. Excellent step of China’s talent and experience to join, will make the trip can better serve the needs of the Chinese people, drops also look forward to working with partners at home and abroad in-depth cooperation, to create more value for the industry, passengers and drivers.

drops travel founder and CEO Cheng Wei said that in the past two years time, travel drops and Uber in the Chinese innovation arena competition. Drops travel and Uber cooperation, will allow the entire mobile travel industry to a more healthy and orderly, higher level of development stage. After this cooperation, drops travel will continue to work with regulators, the majority of users and friends from all walks of life together to contribute to the city’s transportation, environmental protection and employment challenges.

travel with the previous rumors drops after the acquisition will give up the overseas market and step Chinese different, after the merger, drops travel will speed up the sail and the pace of internationalization, from the personnel structure, technical reserves and layout of the business started toward globalization.

In addition to

will continue to work with global partners through local resources, drops will further promote access to other overseas emerging mobile travel market, such as Hong Kong and Macao, Japan, Korea, Europe, Russia and other places. But in order to artificial intelligence, big data and global competition, drops has established a research center in Silicon Valley in Silicon Valley, and to consider the establishment of similar research center in the UK, Russia, in the global world to attract top talent.

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