Micro blog unity UC set up a video entertainment Major League account content fully open

September 10th noon news, in 2016 a group of open eco conference, one group, micro-blog, UC three jointly announced the establishment of video entertainment alliance".

said, this alliance will conduct a comprehensive docking in the user experience and the underlying data, will open up the three platform account, content, algorithm, interactive relationship, that is to say, in the three platform, fans, publication, broadcast and news, like the number of points will be synchronized.

at the same time, the three party will be in the joint investment, joint production, joint development and integration of marketing and other areas of cooperation.


Group Chairman and CEO Victor Koo said, the entertainment industry in the next ten years will be a large outbreak, electricity, live auction, all the chips and other realizable mode suitable for network health content have become increasingly rich, red net economy has begun to reveal the tremendous energy. Gu Yongqiang believes that the global Internet industry has actually formed a GAFAT (Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent) of the new pattern.

Victor Koo

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