Gaopeng was an emergency investigation of nsider Groupon line Tencent health gap


home page was taken offline Gaopeng (TechWeb pictures)

Ye Huijue

World Group website giant Groupon in China’s rapid expansion plan suddenly backyard fire".

February 16th morning, Groupon and Tencent cooperation group purchase website — "friends" ( home page was taken offline.

and the previous day, the site in the case of the parties are not informed, suddenly on the line.

the site does not exist for more than 24 hours.

According to the

internal reliable sources, the general manager is responsible for the Groupon overseas market expansion of the German Groupon My City Deal Oliver Samwer will fly to Beijing on Thursday, and the Tencent in the new company CEO Ouyang Yun emergency consultations to resolve the contradiction between the two sides.

"from the current situation, if the two sides continue to stalemate, cooperation may have failed." A source close to Groupon told reporters.

Tencent said it would not comment on the matter.

24 hours emergency offline

reporter found in the short-lived Gaopeng home page, the site currently facing the user only email registration function, and the list of group purchase at present only in Beijing city.

in a simple registration page information, the user can see the message: "you have successfully subscribed to Gaopeng electronic newspaper. We will be formally launched in China next week. For the first time to buy a line, we will inform you in the first time. After that you will receive the best daily deals that include the best deals in your city! "

In February 16th

, a person close to the German Groupon told reporters, a day after the site suddenly on the line, is a unilateral act of German Groupon, and the Tencent immediately take emergency measures, the site closed in Chinese server.

‘s group purchase website "by the German Groupon My City Deal company and the Tencent intends to set up a joint venture company in China management operation. According to legend, the two sides will each contribute $50 million in new companies accounted for 50% of the equity.

reporter learned that not long ago exposed Gaopeng home just to get the approval certificate of Beijing No. ICP11111, which intends to set up a joint venture company has no business license to the business sector.

Germany My Deal site in March 2009 by the United States to buy giant Groupon to buy, Groupon has become the main executive of overseas market development in.

non-listed company stock exchange

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