Discuz X1 5 conference Q & a record

the afternoon of September 20, 2010, Comsenz held the Discuz X1.5 conference, CEO Dai Zhikang Comsenz! And product director Li Guode led the research team attended the conference, recalling the course of ten years, Discuz X1.5 classic discuz.

Discuz! X1.5 is jointly developed by the Comsenz team and the webmaster, launched both stability and focus on the details of the experience version, the continuation of the Discuz requirements in security and stability! Always convenient and efficient aspects of products. At the same time, Discuz (X1.5) Forum (BBS), portal (Portal), social networking (SNS), (Group), open platform (Open Platform) and other elements to help webmasters easily expand web applications.

the conference, for the first time by Comsenz video broadcast, and by micro-blog, QQ, message board, telephone and other means to interact with the audience at the scene, the webmaster friends and professionals responded enthusiastically.

below is part of the scene exciting interactive content:

Hangzhou forum Chen Hui asked: Discuz! X1.5 official version will not automatically update QQ login? This is the opportunity or threat to the webmaster


CEO said Dai Zhikang Comsenz: taking into account the user data security issues, the current version of Discuz! X1.5 and QQ do not immediately integrated unified account login, but I also believe that don’t have unified login time. This is a challenge or opportunity? If QQ log on to the site, it is equivalent to QQ users to the local station output process. QQ users will be more aware of and access to these local communities, at the same time, these users also experience a very convenient means of login, or account identity services. It also helps to solve the traditional sense of "not only the forum replies" problem. In order to deal with the entire Internet pattern changes, we think the site to build their own core competitiveness as soon as possible, have the ability to provide users with personalized services or segments of the vertical and vertical segments in the market have the ability to become an independent school, this is our webmaster challenges.

Heilongjiang’s friends asked: Discuz! X1.5 after the start, all the versions are fusion? Do you have a separate version of


product director Li Guode said: the first Discuz! X1.5 architecture is a basic framework, it extended from the forum, like space, just like the portal, if the webmaster needs it, he is the group space and weakening of the forum and can enhance the power and achieve his goal, but want to the only complete forum function products, may now be X this series is not the path of development, we feel that the community should have this kind of thing, for people, a system and the mutual integration, it is.