The National Copyright Administration media reproduced works must be authorized and pay remuneration

China News Agency, Beijing, April, (reporter Ying Ni) – 22, China National Copyright Administration issued in Beijing, "on the norms of network copyright order copyright notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") (

) (). "Notice" expressly provides that the Internet media reproduced other works, must go through the permission of the copyright owner and pay remuneration.

"notice" a total of 9 articles, mainly including the following four aspects. The first is to clear some important issues related to network copyright laws and regulations reproduced in copyright, including the definition of news, to clarify the statutory license is not applicable in Internet media reproduced and not distorting the title and original works etc.. Two is to guide the newspaper unit and the traditional media to further improve the internal copyright management work, especially for the newspaper unit to clarify the ownership of the work of the proposed guidance. Three is to encourage the press and the Internet media to actively carry out copyright cooperation, and create a healthy and orderly network reproduced environment. Four is the requirement of copyright administrative departments at all levels to increase copyright supervision.

pointed out that the "notice", the Internet media reprint the works of others, must pass the license of the copyright owner and pay remuneration, and indicate the author’s name, title and source works, reproduced works of others, no substantive changes to the content of the works; do text revision and abridgement of the Title and content, not distorting the title and the original meaning, but the news is not protected by copyright law. Where a copy of the original work including the copyright of the message, communications, features, reports and other works, must be approved by the copyright owner and pay remuneration. Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

in recent years, the network media for its timeliness, multimedia, interactive, large capacity and other advantages of the traditional media caused a huge impact and challenges, but the rapid development of the network media is to rely on long-term and free use of traditional media to pay a large amount of creative content resources based. With the fact that the network media illegally reproduced others’ works, the legal rights of the rights holders have been seriously damaged, and the traditional media reacted strongly. To this end, the State Copyright Bureau on the one hand to fight unauthorized reprint their works through the network infringement, on the other hand, actively promote the improvement of network reprint license fee mechanism to guide the parties according to the law to carry out the network reproduced the integrity of cooperation. (end)