O2O Shuangcheng miss the best Chinese service era


Max asked me to help find a part-time right, every day at home for him to make a meal, I found in the San Francisco Bay area this is not an easy task, and began to miss Chinese developed O2O service.

Americans can’t do this for you,

Fine degree

American service industry has lagged behind in Asia, please people cook to home service is absolutely Arabian Nights sounds. So when O2O (U.S. business called O2O Local Commerce) common development in the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, with the Internet connection when the line service, I had no way in the Eastern Ocean from the Internet to find a suitable chef.

I’m looking for Criagslist first. The United States in the popular 20 years of service website offers the sale of vehicles, rental housing, jobs and other local services, which provides a service called "". I opened the account, the user interface in more than and 20 years has not changed the site by browsing "gardening" and "repair" and so on page more than and 20, people can not find the home cooking.

I’ve been searching for "Handy" specifically for home economics. As a science and technology reporter, I know that Handy is the United States this round of O2O entrepreneurial tide in the steady development of a start-up company, its rival Homejoy has died of a shortage of funds. Handy as a new start-up company, user friendly interface is simple, but their home page also clearly told me: there is no home cooking this service.

in the past two years in Silicon Valley, a popular phrase: engineers venture, are around the past, my mother can help them to do, and now do not do things turn". I would argue that the sandwiches made by American moms are so simple that it is not necessary for the boys to grow up and live independently. So no one thought of entrepreneurship in this direction.

but some people need this service. My friend Max is from Beijing, grew accustomed to eating at home. Has become a senior doctor in San Francisco, his income is not high, but busy life, hoping to return home to eat delicious meals directly.

he had some Internet catering company ordering, such as Munchery, the company claims their meals have been completed in 99% before it was sent, as long as the user in the microwave oven or you can get the authentic meal products. But in the Chinese view, it is more like lunch, so prefer dining in a restaurant.

at my suggestion, Max in the Chinese Forum, eventually a Chinese middle-aged women are willing to come to the daily cooking, a monthly fee of $2400 — the lowest paid no more choice out of San Francisco. There is no doubt that the rapid development of the O2O service industry today, it seems to have been behind the 10 years of seeking service.

"domestic Internet service is really coming"