heard that Baidu is engaged in the VR browser we talked about these goods

referred to the VR experience, we will think of the three big head show as well as a variety of VR glasses, one machine brings feelings.

but we do not seem to have imagined: one day, we can really in the virtual world, browse the web, watch videos, chat, play games, in the end is what kind of feeling?

recently, Baidu force VR browser, in the end it can solve the pain point?

in the future, will be achieved to what extent?

Web VR technology in the end is not a trouble live?

Baidu VR browser project leader Ivan exclusive sharing: mention Baidu VR browser, Web VR technology, in the end what to say?

a lot of people know that we do VR browser, ran over to ask: why do you want to do a VR browser it?

in fact, the answer is very simple, based on two original intention.

first, consider from the user level.

whether in the VR or mobile field, the current user looking for the game, or application, there are two different usage:

– to go to the store or the official website to download the Native App;

is more common in mobile field, in the field of VR is relatively rare, namely through the web directly open a web game and APP, without the need to download the Native App way.

we believe that in the current VR environment, Native App must have its living space.

but the browser, especially based on the Web VR technology to create a browser, more suitable for users in the VR environment, browse the web, watch the video and even play some VR games.

addition, VR browser reduces the user’s cost of use.

if the user wants to get a better VR experience, it means that he will spend a low fee for the purchase of equipment and content.

and VR browser, you can allow users to reduce the cost of the use of conditions, for some lightweight VR content experience.

secondly, consider from the developer level.

for developers, in the current environment, based on the VR browser to develop the game, will be more convenient.

Web VR technology can reduce the cost of developers for the development of VR content, so that entrepreneurs, developers develop more convenient.

after a few months of development, there are some experience, you may be able to do the same to the development of friends, some inspiration.

1, VR browser and VR content aggregation platform what is the difference?

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, we believe that there are three different aspects: < >