Daily topic the birth of the first electronic invoice how far the electricity supplier tax

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 28th news, this year since the beginning of the electricity supplier tax rumors have continued to heat up, the implementation of electronic invoices may be the first step in the electricity supplier tax. According to the Beijing Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Beijing Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce on the application of electronic invoices pilot issues. June 27, 2013 onwards, in Beijing to carry out the application of electronic invoices pilot.

as a pilot unit of electronic invoices in Beijing, Jingdong announced yesterday that the relevant system formally launched into the trial operation phase, and has opened the first electronic invoice. In the early stage of the implementation of electronic Invoicing, the scope of its coverage is the purchase of books, audio and video products for consumers in Beijing area. Consumers can choose to issue ordinary paper invoices or electronic invoices.

yesterday, Jingdong mall staff on-site to buy two books, after placing the invoice information bar outside the original "invoice" and "VAT invoice", more than an electronic invoice "option. After the choice of electronic invoices, the order of more than an electronic invoice download". Open the link appears is a PDF format, number 00000001 of the electronic invoice, the amount of $41.4 invoice is China’s first electronic invoice.

"the relevant departments in 2010 for the application of electronic invoices in Jingdong survey, the Jingdong pilot program of application of electronic invoices is three years after the" fruit "." Xu Lei said, with the policy of the Jingdong is a good, can save a lot of cost per year: such as invoices, buy equipment, hire more staff, a year can save tens of millions of dollars for Jingdong. In fact, not only is the Jingdong, including suning.com and other electricity providers need a large number of print invoices, these big website spends cost is very high in this area, the implementation of electronic Invoicing can greatly save the cost. However, this initiative is not good for small and medium sellers Taobao, once implemented also means that commodity prices will rise, the price advantage will no longer.


chose to implement the Jingdong on the mall? Beijing city tax department explained that one is in view of the characteristics of e-commerce transactions and electronic invoices are consistent, the two is the basic technology of electronic commerce enterprises better, more suitable for the initial pilot electronic invoice.

in fact, the implementation of electronic invoices may be just a step forward electricity supplier tax. The State Council e-commerce expert group leader Chai Yueting had said publicly that the core problem of the electronic invoice is to solve the transaction fairness and security, create the basic conditions for the day after the tax reform, rather than tax increases, it is early. Chai Yueting this position also means that the future electricity supplier tax is not impossible. And since the beginning of this year, electricity supplier tax rumors from the beginning of the heat has continued to retreat.

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