The CN domain name investment closing minon eye back to the COM domain name

since last week, China crackdown on Internet pornography and strengthen the network domain name registration industry supervision, especially.CN domestic domain name registration policy tightening, the large number of individual users away. But a large number of "rice farming" (domain name investors) and personal webmaster idea began to shift the battlefield in front of the policy variables, through a large number of registered.COM exit the domain name to obtain benefits and avoid risks, thus driving the foreign domain and space service providers to enter the market Chinese.

According to public data

foreign Internet research firm WebHosting.Info, from December 7th to December 14th, just a week, the amount of registered.COM this domain name in the overseas Chinese increased by 180 thousand, year-on-year growth rate of 1300%! Industry analysis, with personal registered.CN domain name was banned after a large number of immigrants began to register the domain name Chinese.COM outside domain name.

yesterday, the world’s largest domain name registrar of American GoDaddy news, said it had started deploying its Chinese strategy, will support the China users to buy GoDaddy domain name and host by alipay.

another force China market is the U.S. top ten web hosting service provider IXWebHosting, recently launched Chinese website not only, also announced support for buying domestic Alipay payment. Statistics show that IXWebHosting has 28.2% of traffic from China, the United States only about 19.3%.