Classified information website who provoked uncontrolled expansion of irrational investment

uncontrolled expansion of personnel, irrational large advertising investment, as well as the lack of timely and effective credit rating system and fierce peer competition, are the reasons for the classification of information into the whirlpool.

reporter Zhao Jiayi

at noon and we CFO Zhou Hao went to a restaurant full today, next to a fire shop have a table free flesh of a donkey, just ready to sit down, Zhou Hao said, accidentally shot down become negative: 58 city financial tensions are confirmed, CEO and CFO in the street to eat live fire".

this is the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo recently released a micro-blog. Besides the humorous tone, with a little on the recent rumors, 58 market collapse rumors helpless.

"in the development of this industry is benign and healthy, the media is a bit exaggerated, but the development of the industry needs time to verify, people network CEO Wang Jianshuo recently classified information website problems answer.

in the inquiry before the truth, we may wish to take a look at a set of data, from the global Internet monitoring agency ComScore data show: now Chinese classified information industry average growth rate has been higher than that of other web site, become a portal, search engine sites, third of the fastest growing areas of the internet. The other one from the classification of website data also show that as of August 2011, after the original capital and market reshuffle, one-day IP 58 city visits, are already more than 4 million, including the people network, three websites have been more than 1 billion visitors per month. This number should not be underestimated.

classification information website in 2011, will almost certainly usher in their own outbreak. And in early 2012, the market collapse, 58 also dismissed rumours have spread in the raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet community.

what is the truth? Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung in second days of rumors appeared timely update micro-blog: "not a simple control group purchase cost, improve the operation efficiency of the action, attracted so many rumors. A total of 85% independent traffic flow, monthly bandwidth less than three million, no copyright cost of the website, a seven years of operation, the cost of personnel is the peer 1/3 website, how close please? Do some rational analysis, we see tomorrow after work, is not massive layoffs that is not closed". After Yang’s micro-blog no longer update, also said no further clarification on the matter. The 58 city, in the face of its CEO Yao Jinbo do a simple explanation of the media is no longer mentioned the matter. However, hidden in the classification of the information behind the site is not the problem we should not pay attention to. Classification of the site, who provoked who, led to a piece of singing voice.

provoked the staff

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