Facebook and other sites were attacked by hundreds of millions of nternet users affected

Admin5 station network August 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Google on Thursday’s part of the site, the social networking site Facebook and the micro blogging site Twitter and other mainstream sites have experienced different degrees of network attack, although not yet identified the source of the attack, but the large-scale attacks have led to global hundreds of millions of Internet users can not properly use the internet.

Thursday earlier reported that Twitter and Facebook have been DDoS (distributed denial of service attack), an attacker controlled by a large number of computer also issued access requests to specific sites, leading to the web server can not afford too many requests to be paralysed. Then there are reports that Google and some other blog sites have also been similar network attacks.

A spokesman for Google

confirmed late Thursday, part of the Google site does the attack, but Google internal system protection mechanisms play a role in the Google search page and Gmail e-mail service is not affected in any way: "we are in contact with other attacks on the network company, to jointly investigate the source of the attack."

A spokesman for

Facebook also confirmed that Facebook was DDoS attacks, "earlier Thursday, because Facebook was DDoS attacks, resulting in some users cannot access the Facebook website is normal, and no user data was leaked. At present, all users have access to Facebook."

industry sources said that due to the number of sites at the same time was attacked by the network, is expected to be attacked by these companies will share the appropriate information to jointly find the source of the cyber attacks. ·, a senior security consultant at Sophos, a British security firm, said: "it should not be a coincidence that several Internet Co have been attacked at the same time," said Cluley (Graham). The attack has made hundreds of millions of Internet users have been affected."

New phenomenon of

network attack

prior to this, cyber criminals in the launch of DDoS attacks, usually divided into two cases. The first is to attack the competitor’s website, so that its network services into a state of paralysis; two is the target is not a competitor, but asked to be paid by the attacker.


well-known security companies in the United States (Symantec) technical staff John · Harrison (John Harrison) believes that Thursday’s network attack has a new feature for the high visibility of the site to attack, so the attacker does not seem to get the ransom". He also believes that because the DDoS attacker is carried out by a number of other computer control, so the number of initiated this round of attack behind personnel is not necessarily a lot.

Harrison said: "Thursday"