Pseudo base industry chain tracking single cost thousands of price 60 thousand yuan

– Zhangzhou pseudo base industry chain tracking April 12 Fuzhou Xinhua (reporter Zheng Liang) an antenna, a host computer, a laptop computer, is a pseudo base of all possessions". A "pseudo base station" one day you can send a maximum of about 200000 pieces of information, criminals driving the flow of crime, "pseudo base station" within a certain range when the operation order of the communication "paralysis", "mobile phone users off the network, only to receive a pseudo base station information. Since last year, criminals frequently use pseudo base means the implementation of fraud and other criminal activities.

Fujian province is the province cracked pseudo base case up to the city, since October last year, the city cracked 31 from the pseudo base criminal cases, arrested 58 suspects in Zhangzhou. Reporters learned in the local recently, "pseudo base station" from production and sales, to undertake the "order" to "line operations and other aspects of the industry chain has been formed, the low cost of crime, lucrative, strong concealment, potential dangers.

pseudo base industrial chain

at the beginning of last October, Zhangzhou police received a number of reports that received tail number "95588" and "ICBC Internet banking password upgrade message, some people according to the content of the message on the designated website, enter the account number and password after fraud gangs to steal account deposits.

Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment Chen Aiguo said: "the survey found that the fraud Gang using" pseudo base station "send SMS fraud, sending SMS number display can be simulated, deceptive strength."

according to investigators, a signal receiving antenna, a host of the transmitted signal, a laptop computer can assemble a ‘pseudo base’, the operator in the crowded square, circle collecting user’s mobile phone IMSI (international mobile subscriber identification code), and any fraudulent use of forcibly sent to the user’s mobile phone number advertising, fraud and other information.

investigators seized in the pseudo base to reporters demonstrated operating procedures, notebook computer bulk SMS software is installed, the computer has a text input field page display number column, the number of successful transmission statistics, operator input related content, to select for mobile phone users to send SMS mobile, Unicom or a particular telecom operator.

Zhangzhou branch of China Mobile core network center for Zhuang Haopeng said: "the ‘pseudo base’ work, the user’s mobile phone signal is’ kidnapped ‘, that forced the normal communication signal is interrupted or even" off net ", the destruction of public telecommunications facilities safety."

pseudo base station to send the information of real estate, medicine and other commercial advertising, more online banking upgrade, interest free loans and other fraud information. Chen Aiguo said: ‘pseudo base’ crime form the interests of the chain, production, sales, use, operation and other aspects are divided into benefits."

Zhuang Haopeng said: "the production and assembly of a ‘pseudo base’ cost is not high, receive >