Sing Chen Hua low barriers to competition for the tools of the product poor viscosity how to do

Abstract: a better way to socialize is to make tools a social product. To sing it, a tool to start a product, today it is more important component of social. The tool is only to allow users to continue to come in, but in terms of stickiness, social is a more valuable factor.



] titanium media comprehensive domestic level and two level market Internet active stocks, from the beginning of June this year, a large number of U.S. listed Internet Co began to return to the domestic market, is also a member of this group to sing in the returning tide. At the beginning of this month, the media exposed the demolition sing VIE architecture work is nearing completion. Sing hurry home to return to the market, and it is possible by way of backdoor landing A shares gem.


Chen Hua said in an interview, make to sing but just with the outside reading strategy on the contrary, he is more willing to treat the company listed on the road to a happy go lucky attitude:

how to choose is not a matter of how difficult, in addition to the gem and three new board, the future of the strategic emerging board also line. Anyway, we do not worry, while walking to see it, if there is relatively cheap, there is no agreement on gambling, we will backdoor, if there is no right to wait another one or two years."

From the original

to return to the United States market, now down to VIE, an important reason is the lack of a similar standard standard in the United States, to sing low valuation, and the valuation gap of domestic Internet Co is too large.

because of the lack of standard, which sing in China has become overvalued reason. The pursuit of the concept of the Internet market in the first tier companies, stylish O2O mode of operation, the number of users reached 220 million. With these conditions, after the D round of financing, sing the overall valuation has exceeded 4 billion 300 million.

compared to other online music industry APP, sing the valuation of why so high, how to do it?

listed these things aside, last Thursday in the "enfodesk A10 summit", sing CEO Chen Hua say the logic behind. In his view, singing is a relatively alternative social products, why do you say it is more alternative, in general, the so-called social products are like QQ, WeChat, or like a street street such a strong product.

but social is actually a big concept, it may not necessarily be IM, sing what is the product? First of all, it is a tool – based products, tools and products have its advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage of

tool products is that the competitiveness of the tool itself is very low, the threshold is very low. If you do a tool to do very well, but in fact there is no technology on the Internet in China today, others do not come out, so that the tool is relatively low threshold of competition.

second is its entire realization cycle is very long. Most of the successful products we can see want to make money