How to make money in China’s personal website

so far, the number of individual websites has exceeded 3000, while the number of individual owners is close to the level of ten million. Although the vast majority of them can not achieve profitability through the site, but there are still a large number of successful people, began to become a member of the new rich class. Compared to mainstream Internet CEO, these people who are not decent, and even some humble; but compared with the general Internet users, these people like Wenzhou businessmen like that unusually shrewd and diligent; these people are hidden in various corners of the world, but the huge energy, or even change the Internet China. The millionaire of the personal webmaster, now is in a difficult crossroads. Left or right, this is a problem that may affect their lives. Here, talk about how to make money personal website


left to go, it is a point to point to the Internet business, the future may become the mainstream Avenue, the new Baidu, may also be in the ashes to ashes right away, Ten thousand steeds gallop.; it is a personal website mode of the old, little risk, income is considerable, but absolutely no more room to grow.

not long ago, Guo Jijun in Chongqing to the price of 1 million 900 thousand yuan to his personal website, Canton Czech residence sold to a network company. This site is the site model is very simple, and the content of the message, but in the past two years, the site each year to bring Guo Jijun gains of up to 600 thousand yuan.


have millions of cash, but Guo Jijun still hope as before, continue to do some personal website at a low cost way. He said, this choice and his experiences and interests, many years ago, he was a mechanical plant fitter, monthly wages of less than a few hundred yuan. Earned through the Internet real gold, he did not rush to take more risk to the commercial road.

was regarded as a model of personal struggle of Li Xingping, also hold the same mentality. After the personal website price to 50 million yuan sold to Baidu, this low-key young people still dwelling in the south of the small town, with a small workshop mode, maintain a few other huge flow of personal website.

Li Xingping received less education, but he understood the basic needs of the Internet than anyone else. The short wandering at the crossroads, he decided to choose the way he used to go it alone.

of course, not everyone can be low-key and calm like them. With the growing competition, more and more individuals want to cooperate with VC (venture capital) to achieve large-scale expansion and operation, thereby further consolidating their advantages.

these were referred to as the "personal webmaster outlaws of the marshes arena rankings, Cai Wensheng, Pang Shengdong, Gao Chunhui, Hua Jun are relying on personal website fortune character with a great reputation. But after successfully attracted investment from VC, and their personal webmaster role is lopsided.