Ganji announced the launch to market are seeking the right time

Ganji announced the launch to market are seeking the right time point

[TechWeb] News reported in March 11th, Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung confirmed to the media, Ganji has started preparations for the listing, the financial market in operation according to the listing standards, but not to, because in seeking the suitable time point, and there is no pressure on the capital.

previously, Yang Haoyong had revealed that the market will be launched in June 2015. In view of this, Ganji is in accordance with the implementation of.

at the same time, Ganji announced a series of operational data. In 2014, Ganji online recruitment recruitment business revenue 768 million yuan, total revenue growth of 160%, is expected in 2015 online recruitment revenue will exceed 1 billion 500 million yuan, will be more than the future. At present, the number of enterprise users recruitment fair for 5 million 480 thousand, mainly concentrated in the service industry, OEM services, including 10% subscribers of business users, the average monthly business users delivered to the market at a cost of 88 yuan.

last December, Ganji announced it would spend $100 million to enter the second-hand car field, and recruitment together become the most important of the two lines of business. Yang Haoyong pointed out that in March this year, second-hand car market will enter the second tier city project. Its goal is to use the car market to achieve 80% market share. (Ming Yu)