Baidu know the development platform webmaster can submit cooperation application

know that Baidu open platform officially opened in June 1st, there are 9 agencies to success and know the development platform for cooperation, a mainstream website users are very familiar, long travel network video bus, New Oriental Education verticals line.

Baidu know

development platform page page design style Baidu always keep clean, there are a total of four section provides a brief introduction to the content page, Baidu know the development platform for the user, including the platform features, while providing images to vividly illustrate the process and form of cooperation. Baidu currently offers two modes of cooperation.

1 channel cooperation model

channel cooperation mode requirements: have an independent website, and registered users reached a certain size, high user activity. Website users generally have a strong demand for questions, some users (or operators) have the ability to answer. The cooperative website also needs to accumulate a certain amount of question and answer data to provide the channel initialization. To meet these requirements of the site can apply for channel mode of cooperation, of course, Baidu also need an audit period.

, such as to determine the relationship, the open platform is responsible for the establishment of a knowledge channel to provide cooperation to use the site, it is worth mentioning that the channel broadband, server space, etc. are provided free of charge by Baidu. The user can know the channel cooperation system docking partners cooperation website website, users can use Baidu know the account and password, to complete the follow-up operation.

2 data cooperation model

data collaboration: the independent website, there are questions for those who demand data cooperation Station, but the question is not needed, but also need business professionals with the professional ability to answer.

also need to submit an application form to determine the relationship between cooperation, cooperation from Baidu know platform provides free questions / problems / constraint push data synchronization interface. Cooperation website will know to Baidu search query interface embedded in web pages, users encounter problems in the website, can at any time through the search query interface to retrieve or solve the problem has raised new questions in the know answer, the answer will be feedback to the user platform.

cooperation website will push into the interface problem of Baidu know ", the relevant staff will see that problem to be solved, the platform classification under the reply, the answer will be synchronized to Baidu know, and indicate the answer from the web site in a prominent position. Cooperation website using the data synchronization interface, will be accumulated into the quiz show page will know, indicating the resources from partner sites, in a prominent position on this point, the webmaster can understand this is Baidu webmaster in indirectly provide a platform to promote standardized way to know.

cooperation request

said earlier, no matter what kind of cooperation model, you need to submit a cooperation application in the cooperation process. Need to learn more about the content of cooperation with the needs of the owners can go to the following address to download: http://s.zhidao.>