Adsense network launched a personalized gift personalized service

yesterday, the reporter from the station network marketing department was informed that after nearly a month of intense preparations, the biggest webmaster information network " station network " officially join the largest trading platform creative products pig network, and signed a formal partnership agreement with the pig individual gift department, the joint efforts of both sides to provide personalized customized gifts service for users.

personalized customized gifts, is simply just a picture or a photo, the printing and dyeing technology, printed on the pillow, T-Shirts, mugs, name card, lighters and other gifts. Due to the extremely strong personality, is now being more and more users of love.

The reporter saw

has been opened in the webmaster network customized channel, the customization process of Internet users is very simple, just a picture, can be carried out online synthesis on the website, and can see the finished results in real time, the reporter took only 30 seconds, the online custom own photo mug, very handsome.

It is reported that

, in the means of payment, stationmaster net support Alipay and the Internet banking, Internet users to solve the menace from the rear. Express is a well-known courier companies and cooperation, the most interesting is that even if only one customer can also be produced.

want to have their own exclusive T-shirt? A mug? Pillow? Or the other, quickly to see stationmaster net customization of personalized service.