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Eden (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Tong Yun) September 1st Beijing time news, the famous American political blog Huffington Post recently published a signed for Bianca · Bosco (Bianca Bosker) the article said that the photo sharing application Instagram enjoy enviable "social networking Eden" reputation, but this platform lurks a lot of porn. The article points out that the inability to crack down on the "instasex" community may make Instagram’s good reputation at risk, and alienate those who came to this site looking for tulips and landscape photos rather than pornographic content.

The following is the full text of this article:

photo sharing application Instagram is committed to providing a "quick and beautiful" to let people enjoy the application exchange pictures, the envy of the "social networking Eden" reputation, there are 80 million people sharing the picturesque scenery, soft colored pictures of flowers, sunsets, pasta, cappuccino here, and so on. Facebook has been paying $1 billion for the service.

but, in addition to general occupy attractive food pictures in Instagram top spot "most popular" list on the outside, there lurks a lot of attractive pornographic content.

to "sextagram", "instaporn" and "handbra" – for porn tag photos these photos to tens of thousands of, genital and naked, or almost naked, as the theme, the men and women in the bed, the bathroom with the overhangs swing posture, or is in a similar state with naked partners. What’s more, the image shows people masturbating in front of the camera, while others seem to be in the wrong place in Vitoria’s Secret catalogue. There are 135 thousand photos with "latte" label, 201 thousand photos with "Instasex" label, and to "wet" for the number of tag photos for more nearly doubled.

Instagram is not only being used as a way to exchange the pornographic pictures, while also being used as porn chat partners each other to find other places, can make people network sex is how to adapt to the era of social media, see. Through photos, comments and labels, many Instagram members will invite other users to join, the use of communications applications Kik to KikSex". People can use this app to chat or exchange nude photos.

"wake up like hell! I want to play a girl, I’ll send you Kik chat invitation." A Instagram user wrote in a post that "