How to maximize the profit of Taobao customers to promote the selection of a single product


is the webmaster or QQ group of writers, have their own a set of marketing concept, as for how much sales only you know, since 2010 engaged in small Taobao customers is also quite a few detours, after more than 3 years of exploration, the selection of products have some experience with you today, talk about how to choose the promotion link how to maximize their profits. The inadequacies also please forgive.

little gossip about the first positioning of the industry, we take the clothing industry as an example, is now a hot summer dress for women to sell, take the word dress as an example. How to select a part of the best-selling products, high conversion rate from a number of products is the key, a small series of very confused, is the choice of High Commission products, all the other matter, doing a little income.

meditation study found that most products are high commission shop level is low, and the monthly sales of the sellers, another angle like buyers are generally willing to buy high credibility, high volume products, so I focus on high volume shop connection, 1,2 months and the rate of commission a few times higher than before, after a period of groping summed up as follows to share with you some experience.

1 with the season: season is very important in the summer, down jacket sales certainly did not have a good winter, we have to choose their own products according to the season, what the fire on the promotion of what customers do a good job.

Sales of the

2 election race: in the search for keywords to Ali mother to do some sort of high sales, monthly sales of more than 200 can be used as the next election race, if enough time between 100-200 also has a lot of quality products. Sales must be the first choice commission. Because a good sales of his shop in product promotion and quality of goods are guaranteed, a poor quality product sales will certainly not good to go.


3 Commission selection: Commission for Taobao customers is the most concerned about, so we continue to choose the Commission of high products. I prefer a commission of about 10-30, 2,3 commission dollars sold 10 neither painful nor itching than Gao Yongjin to sell a fast, pure is my personal preferences.



30 days to promote



4 stores score: a shop single product can reach hundreds of monthly sales, basically are high-grade shops, at least a few drill so store level can be ignored, mainly to see the dynamic score, I generally choose equal or higher than average, if it is lower than the average quality of the products is a problem the customer purchase rate is not too high, excluding suggestions. The product description score is not less than the average

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