The 14 questions of the new media operations poke you

began to do the new media operators from practice, until now people often ask: "new media operation is every hair micro-blog WeChat?" I have a lack of patience, always bother to explain, often with a "very complicated, not to say" the end of the topic.


into the near white also complained: new media operations, every day is the hair micro-blog WeChat, what is the future?

1~2 years of experience is very confused peers: what the new media operators do, but do not do anything fine."

3~5 years of experience is very helpless: "do things every day, in addition to promotion, I can not see any other way out."

you ah, is really broken pattern tucson.

the new media has no future, or because you are too lazy, only willing to do things that do not have a future, or work too passive, just waiting for your boss to arrange tasks?

what is the new media do not fine? Good new media talent of course has its expertise, regardless of content, promotion or other, there is always one of your best. You need not have what are doing fine, because you are not a genius or idiot. You want to be a cross talent.

new media can not see the way out? I want to say that everything has a cycle, each time period is like a parabola, there is a downward curve. But as long as you can get up in time, your life will always go up. The way out in the moment that you jump up.

for most of the new media counterparts have 14 questions, I would like to talk about their views.

asked: how to learn from the dry cargo post? Not practical operation of the dry cargo are crap


answer: when you see enough two hundred dry cargo articles, there is no need to learn the knowledge. Because the dry cargo at this time for the you, all the same, because the methodology of things so much, then tell the other. But I am not saying that you do not need to look at this kind of article, but want to tell you that this kind of article for you is no longer used to learn knowledge, but through them to expand ideas.

said that no practical article fXck dry cargo. I am very puzzled, since it is something on paper, of course, is the theory of ah, who can only read out practical? Practical to rely on their own practice is good. As the general planning and implementation of the company is often two people, the people who write articles like planning, the article is the implementation of the people. You’re not going to perform, also said they didn’t use. You are not god.

asked: how elegant with


: I want to learn an occasion, need to go through four stages. Just getting started, people often do not sensitive to hot, always forget to track hot, forget to take this chance; when a certain experience, you will see what want to borrow > Hot

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