Marketing failure is not so much just because you ignore consumers

there are a lot of shops, whether it is from the service or the restaurant location, the product taste is praised, but in the end it is closed in the end. How many entrepreneurs to close down because of mismanagement, but it did not know exactly what is wrong? What is the most important for entrepreneurs in the


most entrepreneurs do not know the reasons for failure

likes a coffee shop downstairs. I love it, because it is a joint venture of several young people shop every day to see their smile, but also because of the interior design of the store is very special, to see that the investment is not high, but a lot of plants and decorations, customers sit very comfortable. Store drinks and cakes are just ordinary coffee or tea, but the shop was not because of the need to eat better, purely because it is simple and comfortable, can chat.

yesterday, found the door hung a "interior decoration" brand. In fact, I realized that this shop can not do it, to the end.

I immediately thought of

is that these young people will be because of poor management, have to want it to end. I think, they will sum up, what is the main reason for their poor management.

is the product


their coffee and dessert, than the side of the Starbucks to sell delicious points, cheaper. But Starbucks’s

customers in a continuous line, why?Is

a service,


their service is more friendly and more friendly than Starbucks, but also know how to chat with the guests, the overall service is better than Starbucks.

is the location


they are in a good location in Shanghai, in addition to a small area of Starbucks, opposite the stream of people is a lot of A restaurant, a little worse than their location is the B restaurant. Stream of people is guaranteed.

since the store products and services, the location is good, then why would they end? I wonder if these young people want to open a shop, where conditions permit, may hope to provide more diverse food choices, may find a professional barista, you may get a more comfortable indoor decoration, the sofa to replace the wooden seat, now likely to lower the price, or even simply to rent, find a particularly popular regional business. However, I think, if these young people’s thinking is really the case, the chance of profit is not high. Because they do not know that they do not consider one of the most important factors: consumer demand. What do they want? Why do they have to choose your store?

is the connection force!

today’s marketing is not the same as in the past, is that consumers choose too much, and their power is much larger than before. Today’s marketing, the brand should go to business, not "point", but "line". That is, your product, service, location, etc.

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