Competitors suddenly announced a 30% price cut the market how do you do

a marketing person, if he did not face the opponent’s malicious low-cost competition, his life is not complete.

yesterday, we also tacitly unified the price in 3000 yuan, market segmentation cake, today, a rival suddenly announced price cuts of 30%, to 2100 yuan, your customers immediately the loss of part of the past, there are a number of negotiations, and even pay the deposit customers choose to wait and see, the sales Department, planning department the customer service department, to ask you: how can we do?

you feel extremely urgent, a "F" s single in the mouth. However, anger can not solve the problem.

want to break the Bureau, the first investigation, to figure out what drugs hidden in the bottle gourd.

– a detective and a thief

opponents have a variety of possibilities, you want to be a detective, the opponent as a thief, collecting clues to solve the case.

first find dealers snoop, raw material is added cheap purchase channels


sometimes, the opponent into a genuine smuggled goods, the customer can not see bought it, a rival province cost and price. OK, we create a "manual" identification of smuggled goods immediately, the first genuine smuggled goods appearance comparison chart, and then listed the 7 Deadly Sins of a smuggled goods, defective rate is high, no customer service, to the customers. To sell genuine company, jointly issued a statement condemning the behavior of cry up wine and sell vinegar.

sometimes opponents are reducing the core staff wages only price.

as a dental hospital suddenly cut 20%, the survey found that the original four big star he asked the doctor of dental implant, now replaced by a doctor unknown to the public. Survey on the new doctor background, this guy last year also will only do porcelain teeth, dental implants just learning, so the novice to do the operation how to be skilled? So ideas, he had immediately sent to collect oral panoramic dental implant surgery, look askew, must stick to your teeth after eating shredded meat, let people with every meal and ask for his teeth, tooth customers, listen to a stomach bitter ah, 2 teeth for 1 hours of agonizing, painful and swollen, still have a fever home hanging bottle. OK, tell these customers, and said, we do not swollen pain, a tooth after the end of the 8 minutes, with a delicious, but hundreds of your comfortable ah, you can choose.

opponents may also reduce the cost of service.

looking for peers to inquire about, look at their service team has not shrunk. For example, a home appliance brand customer service department, the original 100 people, in order to save money and cut to 50, no customer service service, broken machines for customer service, after a week to respond. OK, to tell customers of these situations, it is cheap to buy Zaozui, you can think well.

if there is no problem above, opponents may also reduce the cost of promotion.

, for example, you hit the old tradition of newspaper and magazine advertising, the cost of a person 1000 yuan, he engaged in the Internet precise delivery, a person 30>

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